Transnational Perspectives on Language Education and Cultural Studies (University of London and University of São Paulo)

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Daniel Ferraz (USP), Jamille Pinheiro Dias (UoL), Souzana Mizan (UNIFESP)
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University of London
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Attention: Event in English
15/05/2024 - all day long

Organised by the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS)

In an era marked by increasing transnational interconnectedness, the integrated study of languages and cultures takes on heightened significance. As our world becomes more intertwined through technology, migration, and planetary crises, the ability to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries is paramount. Therefore, it is crucial that modern languages researchers engage in dialogue and advocacy regarding language education and embrace a commitment to genuine cross-cultural engagement. At this event, speakers will draw on innovative research projects on language education that elucidate the importance of the integrated study of languages and cultures to address the impact of globalisation on language teaching and learning. The event will seek to foster critical reflection on the socio-cultural dimensions of language education by addressing issues of power, identity, privilege, and social justice in multilingual and multicultural contexts. 

Organisers: Jamille Pinheiro Dias (ILCS/CLACS), Daniel Ferraz (ILCS fellow/University of São Paulo), Souzana Mizan (ILCS fellow/Federal University of São Paulo)